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Small Business Accounting Services

From the day your business is founded until you decide it is time to move-on to your next journey in life, there’s value in having an adviser who’s there for you, understanding your business and sharing your vision. SKC Accounting, LLC provides a range of services to make your business run more efficiently and profitably through the year including profit and loss statements, monthly financial analysis, reconciliations and many others to support our clientele.


SKC Accounting, LLC provides monthly and quarterly bookkeeping services which help lower tax preparation fees and provides us more opportunity to connect on a monthly or quarterly basis to prevent unforeseen issues.  This also eases the burden on your time, so you can spend more time growing your business and less time performing non-core functions. Monthly bookkeeping services also assist with with reducing tax preparation costs at year-end as bookkeeping is done with two goals in mind, providing businesses necessary information for management each month as well as preparing for taxes at year-end.

Payroll Services

SKC Accounting, LLC provides payroll services for small business clients. We are available to prepare weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payrolls for your business to achieve time and cost savings. SKC Accounting, LLC offers direct deposit for your employees and online portal access to post all paystubs and year-end W-2's for electronic transmission. SKC Accounting, LLC will prepare all necessary tax-filings associated with your business to assist in saving you time and money.  SKC Accounting, LLC's payroll services are competitively priced and often save business owners significant money through transitioning services.

Bundled Accounting Services

Save time and money by allowing SKC Accounting, LLC to handle bookkeeping, payroll, and all your tax-filing needs. Please contact us to talk through how we can help you save money through bundling products.

Other Services: