Executor/Executrix Services

Choosing the executor/executrix of your estate is a stressful process which can create difficulties among heirs. SKC Accounting, LLC provides this service for clients to minimize the stress on heirs as well as to provide an objective, non-biased distribution of assets. Through appointing SKC Accounting, LLC as executor/executrix, we can also prepare fiduciary accounting's, inheritance tax returns, gift tax returns, and fiduciary income tax returns. SKC Accounting, LLC has significant experience in the execution of estates and looks forward to assisting in any way possible.

Estate Accounting Services

Clients turn to us estate accounting services. When you retain SKC Accounting, LLC to provide trust and estate financial projections, we collaborate with you about your financial goals. SKC Accounting, LLC then develops an estate plan that will maximize your wealth and allow it to be transferred to your beneficiaries by collaborating with other professionals such as your attorney or financial advisers. Services include: